Introduction to Serverless & Webinar

First off, there are servers in serverless computing. However, the construct of servers is a throwback to a time when the only way to develop distributed applications was to focus on the server as the base component of the infrastructure.

AWS S3 Encryption Options

I’ve been playing around with AWS security and as an output, I’ve gotten up to speed with their S3 encryption options. I thought I’d do a quick hit to share what I learned. AWS offers two high-level options for encryption

Understanding Ubuntu (BASH) on Windows 10

Microsoft has more than warmed up to Linux. The company which once was at war with open source has created a whole new subsystem to allow running Ubuntu’s Executable and Linkable Format (ELF). Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a detailed video

CTO Advisor 027 – VSAN 6.2 What you need to know

Wikibon has predicted that Server SAN will overtake traditional storage arrays. The latest version of VSAN 6.2 moves a step closer to displacing legacy storage arrays. I’m joined by VMware Principle Architect Rawlinson Rivera (@punchinglcloud). We hit some critical questions

My failed attempt at installing Azure Stack in vCloud Air

Failed labs are a cost of doing business in learning new stuff. Microsoft’s tech preview for Azure Stack created a new opportunity for my lab efforts. It’s rare when I have a lab that’s too big to run in either

I’m headed to both Australia VMUGs

I commonly run into VMware community members from Australia during VMworld and TechField Day events. It’s a long flight, and I enjoy running into all of the community members with a different perspective at infrastructure. I’m grateful for the diversity.

Error Uploading to vCloud Air using OVFTool

I spent a few hours trying to upload the Windows Server 2016 ISO to vCloud Air. The web browser plugin to enable uploading files to vCloud air doesn’t currently work. The directions say to reference KB2110191. There are a few

Cirba – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview

Next up in my previews to Virtualization Field Day 6 (VFD6) is Cirba. There’s already a good amount of introduction content out from other VFD6 delegates for Cirba. Cirba is a veteran of Tech Field Day. They made an appearance

ZeroStack – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview

Next up in our preview to Virtualization Field Day 6 (VFD6) is ZeroStack. VFD6 is my first introduction to ZeroStack. ZeroStack has a bunch of buzz words going on in their solution. ZeroStack provides a hyper-converged infrastructure to build a

Spirent – VFD 6 Preview

Next up on my Virtualization Field Day 6 previews is Spirent. I’m familiar with Spirent from their load generating solutions. I wrote up my experience trying to troubleshoot an distributed IP multicast webcast system. One of the outstanding questions we needed

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